"The details make the difference"

This is ADV-Travel’s motto.

A successful motorcycle tour is made of details that make the difference. Whether it is a hidden b&b in the Irish countryside, or a tented camp in the middle of the desert, nothing gets left to chance.

From meeting locals, to landscapes, to roads far from the touristic routes, to unknown scents and flavors, these are our signature traits that will turn a motorcycle tour into a journey. We do not like to improvise.

That is why our trips place emphasis on:


Careful location choice


Maximum customization

Expert travel guides

Dedicated roadside assistance always with you

Small groups

Maximum of 10 people


Luca Olivieri, born 1983, biker since... always.

I started riding bikes soon after taking my first baby steps and never stopped since.
Minibikes, sports bikes, cruiser and adventure bikes, the only thing that matters to me is that they have two wheels and an engine. My passion for travels and curiosity about distant places and cultures have been my main drives since the beginning, together with the desire to discover what is hiding behind the next curve.
My trips around Europe, mixed with adventures through the Balkans, Turkey and Caucasus all the way to the Asian’s borders have increased my passion and my desire of discover.
I have been “longing for Africa” since I was a little kid, daydreaming while watching the Paris-Dakar on TV and it was not long before I was riding the same sandy tracks and the hot asphalt of North Africa, to discover what was hiding behind the next dune. All of these experiences, kilometers and excitement led to the birth of ADV-Travel. A place to share our journeys with other enthusiasts riders.
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